The Family Born

Alojzij (Lojze, Louis) Rijavec 

Trnovo, Austria, 1888

Lojze’ Wife:  Rosalija Plesnicar

Voglarji near Trnovo, Austria, 1892 

Wife’s Brother:  Leopold (Poldo) Plesnicar

Trnovo, Austria, 1895

Poldo’s daughter:  Rozika Plesnicar Slokar

Trnovo, Italy, 1926

Poldo’s son: Zdravko Plesnicar

Trnovo, Italy, 1932

Poldo’s grand daughter: Nives Slokar Lipovec

Trnovo, Yugoslavia, 1951

Nives’ husband:  Ivan Lipovec

Novi Lasi, Yugoslavia, 1951

Nives’ daughter:  Tanja Lipovec

Nova Gorica, Yugoslavia, 1980

Nives’ son: Bostjan Lipovec

Nova Gorica, Yugoslavia, 1976

Poldo’s sister: Fritzka

Trnovo, Austria

Poldo’s sister: Anastazia

Trnovo, Austria

Lojze’ sister:  Felicita Rijavec

Trnovo, Italy

Felicita’s son:  Stanislav (Stanko) Rijavec (Riavezzi)

Trnovo, Austria

Stanko’s daughter: Clara Riavezzi Tibaldi

Trnovo, Italy

Stanko’s niece:  Lina Cumarini Noussan

Trnovo, Italy



Ryavec: As a Slovenian/American filmmaker, with a PhD in political history, I have been thinking about this film for over 30 years. After my fatherís death in 2009, I found a trove of family correspondence. Trying to make sense of letters and photos dating back to 1914, I was pressed to learn enough Slovenian to understand them. And when I did, I found a principle that never changed over the century. From an agrarian age through industrialism, fascist corporatism, communistic collectivism, and socialism, in the Trnovo forest, land was the foundation of livelihood and land policy remained the tool of power.