This film about the history of a small village in a small country has been in the making since 2006.


Your donation can help obtain rights to the archival footage used to show:

  • Western Slovenia during the past 100 years – wars, borders, and people
  • Your donation can help pay for graphics and maps that are being developed to educate the audience about Slovenia’s “Shifting Borders”
  • Your donation will help get rights to music that reflects the roots of Slovenia’s musicology
  • Donations will help cover the costs of filming a re-creation of the traditional "Charcoal Burning" process. This is the profession Poldo (the Forrest Gump of Western Slovenia) followed for over fifty years.

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How to Support "Letters from Slovenia"

To help us tell the history of a small village in a small country, please donate to make post-production possible. This is a rare opportunity to tell people how a small village, Trnovo pri Gorici, survived administration by five different governments since the beginning of World War One. How did this village and other small villages all over Central Europe survive nationalist upheavals over the last hundred years? Follow the story of one villager, Poldo Plesnicar, who is a Forrest Gump-like character of the region.

Your donations help to pay for finishing funds - sound studios, archival photos and footage, editors, interview shoots, music, and taking the film to market.

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